Who are we?


The River City Rescue Mission is a Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation program which adheres to the teachings of Christ rather than the twelve steps one finds in more secular treatment facilities. We provide hope for men who believe they are hopeless and a positive foundation on which to build. In addition our outreach ministry provides food to the hungry and assist families and individuals with clothing and basic household necessities.


Vision Statement

The vision for the River City Rescue Mission is to deepen and strengthen its programs, communicate its unique work, build a dynamic and committed team of employees and volunteers, broaden its financial support, and plan carefully for its future in order to more faithfully and effectively carry out its mission.

Core Purposes


In light of our Mission and Vision, all of our programs will be guided by three core purposes:

1    Continue the work of Jesus Christ through evangelism, discipleship, and serving the spiritual and physical needs of the disadvantaged.

2    Provide for the emergency needs of the impoverished and destitute of Vicksburg and Warren County through shelter and food services , rehabilitation programs, spiritually based counseling, education, job skills, and transitional living.

3    Inform and involve the public in the needs and caring for the needy.

The River City Rescue Mission believes in the inherent worth of every homeless man, woman, and child.

Our mission is to spread the good news of salvation through Christ by serving the needs of the poor, addicted, abused, and homeless, and thus improve their lives.

Our programs provide the rehabilitation and discipleship that allow us to achieve this mission, leading to positive, lasting change- and creating better lives for those we serve, their families, and the community as a whole.

How the Program Works

Goals are achieved by involving the students in systematic Bible Study, biblical counseling, regular drug testing, and work therapy in and around the Mission. When needed, the men are given literacy instruction and GED preparation. They also have access to a library and computer learning and training center.

During the last phase of the Spiritual Transformation Program, the men enter a "Transition Period" where they are mentored through a gradual transition back into regular society. During this period, a relationship with a strong locale church is required to help deter relapse and ensure the graduates continued growth and accountability. It is also during this time that graduates seek employment and residency apart from the Mission.

"Life-changing" is a term so overused that it may not excite our emotions anymore. However, for the graduates of River City Rescue Mission's residential program, "life-changing" is even a mild description of the rebirth they experience.